Children's art galleries are now in a mini home version

We offer special Mini Art Galleries for home usage. Your child will be involved in the creative process not only at school or nursery, but also at home. Mini art-galleries will give your child the opportunity to make his/her own home exhibition of drawings, small craft and needlework.

Toys become boring, mini art galleries – never!

Every child is actively engaged in creative work, and adults usually put his/her works in a folder, and perhaps they will be forgotten in a few days. With the help of the mini art gallery the whole family will be able now to admire the creativity of the child. All child’s paintings will be carefully collected in one special place, won’t waste the space, will decorate the room.

Choose the appropriate mini art gallery: marble pink is for a princess, marble blue is for the true gentleman or universal yellow-orange and yellow-red one! Be in the mood and get ready to watch new creative achievements of your child! You can also choose the colour of the art gallery according to your interior design; in that case the mini art gallery will decorate your room!


Price $ 50