Mini website of the future star

At the request of a parent or a child we provide a mini website with the address

On the mini webpage you can:
  • tell us about the child, his/her current hobbies, achievements
  • place information about his/her parents
  • publish photo albums, video albums
  • place the children works, portfolio
  • tell us about his/her professional desires
Mini-site is required for:
  • inspiration of talent development
  • formation of status of the future star, celebrity
  • invitations to participate in TV shows, commercials, movies
  • participation of future celebrity in tournaments and competitions
  • obtaining grants
  • portfolio creation
  • opportunity to meet pen friends and people with the same interests
You can also make a general website for the whole family if several children in the family are of a close age.
We recommend to give the name of the website by the familyname.
It happens that all the children of the same family are well-known and famous!

Register of mini-sites of the future star. Read more >>>