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Date added: 11/27/2013 Multi-Level Marketing Company

We invite intermediaries, agents, and distributors in new business. 
Hurry up to become our partner!
For promotion of branded products “NATIONAL” the group of companies "Russian Innovations" has formed a new division - the company "Stands “National"
The emphasis of the future work is on the application of new technologies - the Internet home business.
Product (modular stands, sets of images, techniques) is designed for nurseries, schools, and companies.
Nowadays we are preparing the project for parents, who are interested in their children’s creative development under the motto “Bring up your own genius!”
Your business can start from scratch without a single penny cost! 
You do not have to run around with bags stuffed with God knows what (the usual practice of MLM companies). 
Civilized, at home computer in your spare time, you can build your network and earn. At present you can earn in the Russian market, later you can also enter the foreign market. The Group of companies "Russian Innovations" is oriented to the global business and has got all the necessary patents.
This is your network with tens, hundreds and thousands of managers and distributors. All the network will work for you!
You can work from any village or town. All you need is a stable internet connection. You can sell all over Russia, using the dating, social networks, mailing lists, direct contacts. After a while this activity engulfs you and will be your main business.
Our goods are unique and original. All the technology is developed in Russia. 
The Group of companies "Russian Innovations" is a stable industrial association with elements of scientific activity.
We wish you become a director of your own company!
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