Partnership: charitable Foundations, patrons
The opportunities of usage the “National ®” production by charitable foundations
1. Public informational support to grantees in their workspace
2. As a tool and technology for independant charitable Foundation projects, to support any actual projects
3. Foundation promotion on its own
4. A special creative gift to the children involving them to a global project Kidsartgallery
Production’s profits:
1. Colorful post boxes similar to a suitcases (Foundation identity)
2. Delivery to all destinations around the world by post or any delivery companies
3. A long lifetime (over 20 years)
4. The activation of   innovative Foundation’s projects
5. Theft and embezzlement elimination 
6. A very small space the product needs being stored
7. The opportunity of spreading Foundation’s activity up to global sizes
8. Prestige  
Nowadays more and more schools and nurseries use product called “Art Gallery” to demonstrate their pupils art works. The company “National” has developed a special  kind of Art Gallery that has a  smaller size than the analogues. They are mini Art Galleries (possible preliminary name is “Baby”). They are purposed for home using, for example, children and teenagers “Art corners”. These galleries are simple and multifunctional.  The main advantage of our new product is the possibility to transfer pictures, images, medals, diplomas from home Art Gallery to the similar school’s Art Gallery and vice versa. The child can also make his own little exhibition or presentation at school. Such home-school creative or art processes synchronization makes possible to bring up an outstanding personality or even a future star, celebrity. Mini Gallery costs about 100 American dollars. Some poor families can’t afford it. 
Group of companies “National” offers these products because:
The description and target of that project:
Lending the equipment to grantees (it could be poor families, schools, orphanages) which makes self-realization maximal.