Partnership – national partnership, global partnership

Partnership with business structures
We offer a partnership to a Russian and foreign business structures in a KidsArtGallery Project.
The subject “Bringing up a talent, generous, stars, celebrities” is very actual for many people.
The market of products, services and technology NATIONAL in this direction is unlimited, great and huge.
Production if for nurseries, preschool educational institutions, primary schools, high schools, home using, institutions of all activities and all forms of ownership and scale.
We invite also the universities and academies to be our partners.

Globally aspiring group of companies "Russian Innovations" realizing international, such an ambitious project KidsArtGallery, would like to see as the partners the following types of business structures:
1. Retail groups, retail stores, dealers
2. Online shops
3. Publishing houses, editorial boards
4. TV channels
5. Design Bureaus
6. Manufacturers of plastic goods, metal
7. Investors

About collaboration with retail groups, retail stores, dealers
Many supermarkets usually present on their shelves the goods for creativity, gifts.
Art gallery under the brand name KidsArtGallery will join this group of goods.
What is more, many companies would be happy to buy this product for carrying out socio-cultural work in teams, as gifts to the children of employees.
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Draft of the contract for cooperation with retails groups download here >>>
Draft of the contract for cooperation with the dealers download here >>>

About working with online-shops
Stationery, toys, kids and schools’ goods, the goods for creativity, gifts – this is not a completed list of the areas of the Internet shops that could sell goods KidsArtGallery (National) brand.
Our products have a small size - boxes are 25х38х17 сm.
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About working with publishing houses, editorial board
Articles titled "Talent education," "Raising star", "The education of celebrities", "How to become a star, a celebrity” will decorate and help to raise in the various ratings any magazine for parents.
For a magazines which have been just set up this project gives a great opportunity to become successful in a near future.
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Draft of contract for the magazines for parents download here >>>
Many publishers have an excellent staff of designers. We offer to develop and product the sets of pictures connecting to a hundreds professions, jobs.
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About working with TV channels
Such programs as "Bring up talents, stars, celebrity" with the presentation one profession have no limit.

The TV industry can not be without "stars", and children's and adult programs such as "Raising star", "The education of celebrities, bringing up talent” and other similar programs – are the real treasure, an incubator of future "stars", "celebrities" - the audience's attention guaranteed!

Sports, informational, cultural, children's, TV shows for the entertainment are the best for the group of companies "Russian Innovations" to cooperate with. TV shows are most effective.
The concept of "The star" nowadays is being understood as a musical, singing ability, but , in fact, there are many directions - sports, science, many kinds hand-made and other works, hobbies.
Talk-shows on which a future "stars", "celebrities", "talents" will show their achievements, abilities give an aspiration for an intellectual education for many parents.

99% of parents want to see in their child a talented personality. And the unique technology for creative development from “NATIONAL” makes easy to bring up somebody special. We offer a new level of education!
Education and creatation the future "stars" and "celebrities" is fashioned!
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About working with designers
Design for a new products under the brands of ROSI, the NATIONAL, KidsArtGallery.
We invite to the cooperation designers and design companies with experience in the development of consumer goods for industrial production, products made of plastic or metal.
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About working with manufacturers of plastic and metal production
The patented production in Russia, exported to many foreign countries - the direction for cooperation for a manufactures .
Workshop for plastics and workshop of modern production tooling are required.
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Investors are looking for projects
Global project KidsArtGallery is a great project for investors.
Investments are not limited.
Group of companies "Russian Innovations" is a leading company in consumer area for kindergartens, schools of Russia, has the package of the invention, the global aspirations, creates a new industry - industry of displays technologies.
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