The offer for the children's publishers and publishing houses

The group of companies “Russian Innovations” is pleased to offer cooperation to children's publishers and publishing houses.
The prestigious heading "How to become the celebrity" greatly enhances the ability of your magazines.

Education of the future stars and selebrities is a hot topic, but no one could give the instrument to implement this idea.
The group of manufacturing companies "Russian Innovations" offers a real powerful tool and technology for development of children's talent in any occupation (sports, arts, science and technology, popular profession).
This theme is multifaceted and success is guaranteed.

Our company offers the creation of joint commercial projects for the Russian and foreign markets.
You can participate in a partnership or a joint venture with equal shares in the profits.

Benefits of participating in the project for the publisher:

  • New stable and interesting rubric for readers
  • The additional income from the joint project
  • Increasing circulation of magazines
  • The prospect of participation in the national educational projects
  • Opportunity to enter foreign markets

We would like to inform you, that all the tenders must be submitted to the project manager Valeriy Kuznetsov

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