Long-term work group of companies "Russian Innovations" in the development of equipment and technology creative education, the implementation of thousands of schools and kindergartens teams of information stands NATIONAL allow employees to create a method and product, including, for personal, home use, for the education of most toddlers, older children talent, future stars, celebrities.
The base is a patented NATIONAL equipment and information technology stands NATIONAL, customized solutions for such an ambitious task.
International Project Kids Art Gallery includes the following areas, the blocks:
- Unit For parents with a choice for the child the desired direction of extracurricular activities. Hobbies that can turn into a career guidance, selection of equipment, technology.
- Block for Kindergarten - synchronization of homework a child with activities in the kindergarten.
- Block for Schools - continuity with the work in preschool, the timing of the school.
- Block organizations - out of many future stars of organizations.
- Power Partnership - Cooperation with universities on relevant profiles of future professions publishers, distributors, other business structures.
- Block mini-sites of future stars, celebrities - User Product, technology NATIONAL
Successful acting projects in Russia: - tools for active creative development in kindergarten. - decorating equipment for education and quality of education in schools


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