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The 21st century is a century of high-intelligence technology, creative culture (creative pedagogy, creative management), creative systems, the age of homo creators, century of creativity.
The exclusivity of the current situation in the world is that the process of intellectual redistribution approaches. It is the "fourth great redistribution" (after the international redistribution of territories, capital and going now the third repartition of technologies)."
The future belongs to those countries that will ultimately prevail in this intellectual redistribution. Russia is currently experiencing consequences of the catastrophe that began in 1917. Now the country is in dire need of another revolution, but this time ... intellectual.
It needs to make a breakthrough in the intellectual development of the nation. The continuous growth of the intellectual potential of the nation and its effective use are indispensable conditions for the revival of the Russian society.
There are significant tasks in the electoral program of the candidate for mayor, governor, and head of the administration of the RF:
  • Maximum mobilization of the intellectual potential of the territorial entity for acceleration of the development of the region, the country;
  • Mass introduction of elements of elite education "Developing of children’s talents, bringing up stars, celebrities" in kindergartens, schools;
  • Innovations: the organization of effective visual-informative environment in offices, enterprises of the region, the republic;
  • Prevention of anti-social phenomena;
  • New jobs.
Organizing of effective visual-informative environment in the institutions, enterprises of the region, the country.
Involvement in creative work of most departments.
New jobs are being created practically in all spheres of the national economy.
The basic profession is an organizer of visual information space. There are also a number of additional specialized professions.
Teaching is conducted in local universities and branches through a system of supplementary education.
The discovery of new social programs, projects and the high-quality intensification of existing programs.
Involvement of most departments, organizations and enterprises.
Eastern wisdom says: "For the destruction of the people there is no need to go to a war, it is enough to destroy the morals of the people."
Preventing and combating the spread of drugs, alcoholism, homosexuality, prostitution, terrorism and extremism in all its forms and manifestations, casual promotion of healthy lifestyles are highly effective with the help of innovative technologies "NATIONAL"!
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