IST NATIONAL © (technologies of the developing poster environment) is a set of forms and methods of work:
1. Organization of a personalized home visual-developing space in a child's room;
2. building a multifunctional visual environment in the garden, school; many other structures (the environment of the child's systemic stay);
3. development and movement, including through electronic communication channels, of posters, educational, index and handout information materials, placement of information symbols, signs, national ornaments and objects on the shell and periphery of stands;
4. creation and application of educational products, educational methods, developing programs of influence and involvement of more people in the creative process according to paragraph 1,2, as the basis of innovative development of any country;
5. synchronization of creative educational processes: House - Society (kindergarten, school, any children's institution, any self-organized micro collective, enterprise, etc.);
6. rotation of the products of the child's creative work (house-garden, house-school, house-house of other children).

In relation to the project "We will bring up talent, a star, a celebrity in every kid, teenager" in NATIONAL Technologies, the emphasis is on:
identification of the hidden potential of the child's personality
migration of the child's interests
activation of external and internal motivations of creative development
focusing the efforts of parents, others, the child himself
, the young man (girl) to graduate from school on the only, most acceptable, verified, professional super goal.
New forms and technologies of profession popularization


When forming the content of NATIONAL creative education technologies and organizing appropriate work, children are differentiated by age and gender (preschoolers. Elementary classes. Middle classes. High school). The highest result, of course, will be achieved at the beginning of "star-educational" work from preschool age.
Personal (personalized) astrological coat of arms of the child.
Postcard Wall Organizer iL♥VE
The use of elements (friezes) depicting the Eastern and European zodiac signs of a particular child is a
feature of National creative education technologies. These can be: personal and family wall sharp coats of arms, mini astro galleries, large astrogalleries, mobile sharp galleries - important components of personalization of home developing space!
Mini astro gallery based on astro coats of arms ↑
(personalized exhibition of drawings and crafts of the child)
Mass G Mobile Astrogallery
(personalized exhibition of small drawings and crafts of the child.
The suspended letter (A, B, C, etc.) is the first letter of the child's name 
Basic home wall Astro Gallery "Mass G"
With the symbols of a family of 4 people (according to the zodiac signs of each)
There are options for families of any number of people
A4 sheets in cells are replaceable

Children's home complex of super development «Gift God»

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