For the universities: collaboration, competitive advantages

Group of companies “ROSI” invites the universities to become percipients of the international projects “Kids Art Gallery”

Kids Art Gallery – project titled “Bringing up a future stars, talents, Celebes” – one of a global marketing direction of the group of companies “Russian Innovations”.

We offer the extremely beneficial partnership to the universities and academies that could contribute to raising competitiveness of these institutions.

How many partners we actually need:
1. In a small countries – one university or higher educational institution
2. In a bigger countries – more than one educational institution
The most interesting for us are faculties:
- Pedagogy
- Medicine
- Technical

The directions of the partnership (innovations only!)
1. Creation of developing, visual, informational area in the universitities, school, collages’ buildings.
2. Optional education: new jobs, professions.
3. Development of a special educational methods and technologies for the higher educational institution.
4. Term papers, theses, doctoral theses. Commercialization of these theses.
5. Students’ research works, temporary creative collectives.
6. Theory knowledge’s transformation into a new technologies, international business process.
7. International partnership between the universities.
8. Raising competitiveness.
9. Main professions popularization, early orientation to the future profession, supports the interests in the future profession.
10. Bringing up a future stars, talents, celebrities in a chosen professional area.

We offer to create new professions
How it works:
Excellent created, functional visual and informational space in every institution could be a powerful tool for personality’s internal potential activation, collective development and an indispensable assistant to a General Manager or Administration of the Institution. We offer to set up by higher educational institutions a new profession that could be probably named “Manager of the visual and informational space” or “Space maker”. We suggest integrating it as an optional education in the beginning.
- Manager of the visual and informational space and innovative work in a preschool institutions (for pedagogical higher educational institution)
- Manager of the visual and informational space and innovative work in a school institutions (for pedagogical higher educational institution)
- Manager of the visual and informational space of nonresidential premises (for technical higher educational institution)
- Manager of the visual and informational space in the medical organizations (for medical higher educational institution)
- Manager of the visual and informational space in the trade centers (for economical higher educational institution)
- Etc.

Prestige raising, orientation to the future profession:
It is necessarily to remind about the prestige of the profession on every educational level and it should be continued from a very young age (preschool education) till adult. Our innovative modern visual display systems could be a great underground for a future talents, celebrities development connected to the profile, educational area of the university, higher educational institution. They could be also a start-up for the international activity of any university in any country. Your university or another educational institution should only create methods and materials together with “Russian Innovation” company and start sending them.

Development of specialized information materials
It is possible to maintain the development of information and illustrative material in relation to education in every faculty of the university including all areas: education, culture, sports, medicine, manufacturing, leisure and other activities. Even it is possible for mass using within the University (departments, laboratories, classrooms, corridors, dormitories, additional units, and others).
Term papers, theses, doctoral theses. Commercialization.
Working with a limited numbers of Universities group of companies “ROSI” offers to the partners a sort of a franchise on the right in the profile area of the whole complex of works, services and businesses: new skills, techniques, creative development, development sets of posters, poster compositions, small student enterprises, international partnership etc.

International Alliance
Many universities collaborate with each other.
Partnership in the area of information-poster technology can be an essential component of this cooperation.
The group of companies “ROSI” generates international club NIS-Global World (outdoor club of developers of intellectual production "NATIONAL").
The universities - participants of the project Kids Art Gallery automatically can be a members.

The Prestige Of The University
Getting significant competitive advantages, increase rating.
The partnership will raise the University in the top -200 Times Higher Education.
We provide the project participants with mini-sites on websites, member of the elite club

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