The emblem of the class and the Coat of Arms of the school in the design of the class
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Class Emblem & School Coat of Arms


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A set of mini-assemblies for the design of class symbols: The emblem of the class and the Coat of Arms of the school.
Two mini National® stands.
Parameters of one National® mini stand: 38 x 62 x 2.5 cm
Removable A4 sheets (portrait orientation).


The emblem of the class, the coat of arms of the school - in mini stands National®
The coat of arms (-designer) of the school should preferably be decorated with a drawing-the winner of the school-wide drawing contest of students of the whole school.
With awarding the winner with a material gift, for example, a personal astro coat of arms «iLVe®» from the National company
The emblem of the class is a competition of students of the class, or based on their ideas, suggestions.
Placement: the back side of the study, or the side above the composition of OUR CLASSROOM (Classroom corner).
In a school classroom, it is advisable to put two mini stands next to each other; one with the coat of arms of the school, the second with the emblem of the class.
Delivery: in a cardboard box 25 x 38 x 10 cm

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